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Dance is a form of creativity that feeds the loving heart and nourishes the yearning soul.  All dance is an individual's process of transforming their body, emotions, mind and spirit.  In this respect all dance is sacred to every individual experiencing it with awareness.
I work with individual from ages 3 to 93.  Dance can be used to discipline the mind and at the same moment it can be used to free the mind. 
All dance balanced the right and left hemispheres of the brain so that a harmony between heart and mind or intellect and emotins can be achieved.
At On Stage Dance in Escondido I work with each individual dancer uniquely.  Each dancer comes to On Stage Dance to discover and to nurture a very important part of themselves.  I treat this part of them with respect.  I encourage and help to grow self disipline and at the same time self confidence and self expression.
Please consider On Stage Dance Escondido as your choice for non competitive dance  training:
  • · I have been teaching dance in   Escondido since 1981 
    ·  I am proficient in ballet, tap,  hip-hop, Lyrical, Arabian, Celtic, and Flamenco
    ·  Other teachers at On Stage Dance Escondido share my positive philosophy concerning dance.  We offer ballet and tap for adults 40+ and seniors.  We have a ballroom dance teacher that teaches couples and singles.
    · Contact me at 760 745-4495 for class information
    · We have space and time for more interested students and for teachers that would like to rent our beautiful space.
    You should choose On Stage Dance Escondido if you want to develop self confidence, self expression, self discipline and the joys of dance.
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  2. Managing Director
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In all dance classes I spend some time on flexibility.
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In all dance classes I spend some time in developing proper technique.
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Self Expression
I have so much to share, so much to give and so much to teach and yet I consider myself a perpetual student.  i am constantly learning through teaching.
In all classes I spend some time in developing self confidence in self expression through disciplined choreography or through impromptu, improvisational, or
extemporaneous. dance.